Dear Intended Parents…

August 24, 2016By Lexi RainwaterLexi's Journey

As a part of my surrogacy journey, I was asked to write a letter to the Intended Parents that I might match with…it was harder than I imagined! What do I say and when do my words just start resembling random ramblings?! Try saying that ten times fast…resembling random ramblings, resembling random ramblings… See what … Read More

Warm and Fuzzy Feelings!

August 3, 2016By Lexi RainwaterLexi's Journey

I’ve had a lot of questions recently about how you choose a set of parents to work with once you decide you want to be a surrogate. What I’ve learned is that it’s okay to have doubts and second guess yourself as long as you have a good source of support in your coordinator, agency, … Read More

My Decision to be a Surrogate

July 15, 2016By Krystal LemckeFor Surrogates, Lexi's Journey

“Why on Earth would you want to do that?” I get that question a lot…along with the blank stares or the perplexed looks. Especially if they know about the difficult time I had with my own daughter’s birth…a failed induction that lasted longer than it should have, me passing out from the pain despite having … Read More