Once I sign up to be an egg donor, how soon do I start my first cycle?

The matching process varies on the number of parents viewing the database at any given time and whether or not you match the specific characteristics the parents are looking for.

Do I have to travel?

This depends on the location of the recipient’s clinic. If you decide to match with an out of state couple, you will be required to travel on two separate occasions, first for the initial screening appointment which will be an overnight trip and again for the retrieval week which can range from 5-10 days. All travel arrangements will be provided.

Am I compensated for donating eggs?

You will be compensated for your time and commitment to the donation process. An appropriate range for a first time donor is $3,000 to $5,000 while repeat donors may receive a higher compensation. My Donor Connection adheres to the compensation guidelines established by the American Society of Reproductive Medicine and will not allow a donor to set a fee above $10,000.

What side effects will I experience from taking fertility medication?

Many donors go through the process with no side effects; however, some may experience mild mood swings, bloating and abdominal discomfort.

Will donating eggs affect my ability to have children?

Donating your eggs does not appear to decrease your future fertility. Many studies have taken place on the long term health risks for egg donation, but to date, none have produced any finding of long term health risks.

How many times am I allowed to donate?

At My Donor Connection, we allow our donors to complete a total of six cycles.

What risks are involved in donating eggs?

There are always risks with any medical procedure. The main risk with donating eggs is Ovarian Hyperstimulation. This can range from mild to severe cases; however, it is rare and affects only 1-3% of cases. Every effort will be made by the ordering physician to monitor your stimulation closely to avoid the chance of this happening.