Congratulations on your decision to use donor eggs! We will do our best to match you with a donor that possesses all of the qualities that you hope to pass along to your children. We search to find a donor that is compatible with your expectations. If we do not have what you are looking for, we will reach out to other agencies and search through their databases for donor candidates that might fit your criteria. 

We will put together a team to coordinate all aspects of your cycle: matching, legal agreements, medical & psychological screening, travel, local monitoring and escrow management.



After registering for database access, we will contact you to learn more about your specific needs. You will learn about our agency, our donors and what sets us apart from other agencies! Once you have identified a possible match, our team will confirm the donors availability and willingness to travel to your clinic location. 


Once we have confirmed your match, both you and your donor will be sent a copy of our agency agreement. We require the signed agreements and program fee to be on file prior to proceeding. A match notification will then be sent to your IVF clinic and legal representation.


Our team will communicate directly with your nurse coordinator to facilitate any appointments needed for the donor screening and monitoring. If you have an out of town donor, your clinic will likely require your donor to travel to their facility for a meeting with your physician prior to providing medical clearance. We will coordinate all travel arrangements and local monitoring appointments needed for your donor.

Local Monitoring

Your donor will travel for approximately 5-10 days for the retrieval week. She will have her final monitoring appointments at your clinic as we near the retrieval date. Her donor fee will be processed once we have confirmation from the clinic that the retrieval has been completed. We will keep you updated on any news we receive following monitoring appointments and post retrieval.

My Donor Connection will help guide you through your donor cycle from start to finish.

The first step is to register for access to view our online database of egg donors. After registration, we will contact you directly to take time and learn about you and your specific needs. We will tell you about our agency, the egg donation process and go over any questions you may have.

Once you have identified a potential match within our agency, please contact us right away so we can verify the donor is available during the time frame of your cycle. We want to make sure you feel confidant in our decision, and would be happy to send the donor any inquiries you may have.

When both you and your egg donor have confirmed you are ready to move forward, you will be sent a copy of our agency agreement. We require the signed agency agreement and reservation fee to secure your match.

We will send a match sheet to your legal representation and IVF clinic notifying them of your match. If you do not have legal representation, we would be happy to provide a referral. My Donor Connection will communicate directly with your nurse coordinator to facilitate any appointments needed for the donor screening process. If you have an out of town donor, your clinic will require your donor to travel to their facility for a meeting with your physician prior to providing medical clearance.

Once medical and legal clearance has been given, your physician will design a calendar detailing the medication protocol leading up to the retrieval. There will be several appointments prior to retrieval/ transfer to monitor you and your donor to ensure you are responding appropriately to the medication.

*Please note: If you have an out of town donor, My Donor Connection will arrange for her travel accommodations to your clinic as well as set up local monitoring at a facility near the donor.

Q: What type of screening do your donors go through?

A: Once you have matched, My Donor Connection will perform a background check on your donor. We will also require copies of drivers license, high school & college transcripts and will verify testing scores and GPA.


Q: Can I choose a donor out of state?

A: Yes! My Donor Connection will arrange for local monitoring appointments at an IVF clinic that is convenient for the donor. We will also handle travel arrangements for her visit (s) to your Fertility Clinic.


Q: What happens if my Fertility Doctor does not approve my donor?

A: It is always smart to have a backup donor in mind. Your donor will undergo Genetic & Infectious disease testing along with a psychological evaluation. During that process, your donor may be disqualified from moving forward with the donation.


Q: Is your fee refundable?

A: All funds on file with My Donor Connection are fully transferable to another donor within our agency if your donor does not pass her medical/ psychological screening. If there is not a suitable replacement within our database, the program fee will be refunded within 30 days of notification so that you may use those funds with the donor/ agency of your choice.


Q: How long does the process take?

A: The process from start to finish varies slightly depending on the screening protocol set forth by your clinic. On average, a donor cycle takes anywhere from 2-4 months. The screening process is actually the most time consuming, as the actual cycle only takes 3-4 weeks.


Q: If I choose a donor from your agency, can I still work with my Fertility Clinic?

A: Yes, My Donor Connection is not a medical facility: we are a match and coordination agency. Your physician will make all decisions regarding medical protocol.


Q: How often do you have new donors to your site?

A: It is difficult to predict how many donors will be added each week since we focus heavily on quality instead of quantity. Our goal is not to have the largest donor database: it is to have the highest quality donors. If you do not find what you are looking for, we will happily send you updates when a new donor joins our network.

Flat Program Fee

We offer a flat program fee for your donor cycle. This provides our parents the piece of mind knowing that the cost will not exceed what they were quoted. The Program Fee is specific to each cycle. It can range from $10,000 - $25,000.

The Program Fee is comprised of:

Agency Fee: Match & Cycle Coordination: ~$6,500
Donor Compensation ~$4,000 - $10,000+
*Donor Travel (flight, hotel, ground transportation, food per diem for the donor day screening and again for the retrieval week - for both donor and companion) ~$4,250
*Local monitoring appointments at a facility near the donor (blood work and ultrasounds during stimulation- prior to her travel to your clinic for the retrieval week) ~$2,250
Cost of Parent Attorney for Ovum Donation Agreement ~$600
You are welcome to use an attorney outside of our referrals. We will deduct the cost of the attorney from the program fee and you will pay your representation directly. 
Cost of Donor Legal Representation to review Ovum Donation Agreement ~$400
Donor Complication Insurance and Limited Background Check ~$400
Donor Psychological Evaluation & MMPI ~$400

We operate with a “golden rule” mentality. Seems a little elementary, but we think it really sets us apart from other agencies.

First, there is an element of risk when using Egg Donors and Surrogates. While we offer our expertise and coordination services, we are dealing with several very human elements, that are (to be completely honest) outside of our control. We do our best to make sure that we are recruiting the most responsible and mature young women in our program. We want to make sure that all donors and surrogates are completely aware of the process and challenges that they may face throughout this process, both physical and emotional. So, we have a few ideas on a refund policy that we hope will help you feel more comfortable moving forward on this venture. Now, keep in mind these are worst case scenarios, but it might just be the one thing keeping you up at night!

If your donor or surrogate has a change of heart prior to retrieval/ transfer, your program fee is refundable. We don’t make you stay with our agency if you have a backup elsewhere.

If your donor is not medically cleared to proceed with retrieval, your program fee is refundable. In fact, if it is cancelled for a medical reason at all, your program fee is refundable (less expenses incurred for travel or screening).

We don’t want you being the only one in this process taking a risk.

On to our next topic. Price Matching.

If we have the donor you have been dreaming of, the last thing we would want is for you to look elsewhere because our fee is too high. We are happy to price match a competitors agency fee. Just send us their quote for your cycle and we will be happy to match. Keep in mind that many agencies have “add on” expenses that may be included in our program fee.