One of the most important characteristics of a Surrogate is the genuine desire to help others. Our surrogates must be responsible and mature as we need to rely on you to make doctor appointments, take medication as instructed, understand and accept the risks of pregnancy: both mental and emotional. You will be undergoing one of the most amazing journeys and helping another couple achieve their dreams!

Throughout the entire process, our team, the parents medical team and the intended parents will be here to support you.

We can't wait to be a part of it!





The first step is to complete our online application. A member of our team will contact you to set up an interview and go over your qualifications. We will go over the process and expectations and answer any questions you may have. If you are ready to proceed, we will assist you in creating a profile that will be presented to couples who are looking for their perfect match. We will also work with you to obtain copies of your medical records and your insurance policy. Once selected, you will be able to view a profile of the Intended Parents to see if you think they might be a good fit for you as well! Once a potential match has been identified, we will set up time for you to speak and/or meet in person after we have completed a background check on all parties.

We put a lot of effort in finding the right match the first time. There are many different factors that go into the matching process and we hope to connect you with a family that has the same expectations for the surrogacy.

Once a match is confirmed, we prepare the groundwork of your cycle by signing agency service agreements, contacting legal representation in regards to drafting an agreement between you and the intended parents (an attorney will be provided for you), and establish an escrow account which will hold all anticipated funds for your journey.


Once matched, we will initiate all medical and psychological testing required by the Intended Parents IVF Clinic. This consists of traveling to the intended parents clinic and undergoing the following screening:

  • Physical and Pap Smear
  • Infection Disease Testing
  • Hysteroscopy:  a procedure that will allow the doctor to look inside your uterus and examine the cervix using a thin, lighted tube.
  • Psychological Evaluation & MMPI2
  • Mock Cycle: You begin taking the same medications that would lead up to a normal transfer. This gives the doctor a understanding as to how you respond to the medication and they can make changes as needed.


The attorney representing the Intended Parents will draft a legal agreement that will clearly lay out all the fine details of your surrogacy arrangement. We will provide you with an attorney to go over the contract with you and will assist with negotiating any changes. Once signed, all funds needed for your cycle will then be transferred to the escrow account and you will begin receiving payments per your legal agreement.


Once we have medical & legal clearance to move forward, the clinic will design a calendar which will detail what medications to take/ when to take them. You will take medications for approximately 5-6 weeks prior to the embryo transfer and then typically through the first trimester to maintain healthy hormone levels for the babies development.

You will take a pregnancy test ten days following the transfer. If positive, you will likely have few additional blood tests over the next few weeks to confirm that the hormone levels are rising appropriately. There will typically be an ultrasound about a month following transfer to confirm pregnancy.

During your first trimester, your pregnancy will be monitored by the Fertility Clinic. Once you near the end of the first trimester, your care will transfer to your own physician and your pregnancy care will continue just the same as your previous pregnancies.


Your compensation typically is initiated once the pregnancy is confirmed and will continue throughout your pregnancy. Our team will administer those payments per your legal agreement with the parents (typically monthly installments) along with any appropriate expense reimbursement.

Throughout the pregnancy, you and the intended parents can enjoy as much communication as you wish. Often parents try to join the surrogate for medical appointments, or may just enjoy communicating with you to see how everything is going. As you near the end of the pregnancy, arrangements will be made for the parents to join you at the hospital for the arrival of their baby! It is an amazing gift- one that will change your lives!


If you are ready to help another family by being their surrogate, we invite you to apply today! 



If you have a spouse/partner, it is also crucial that you have their full support before proceeding with the application. We will also need their participation in the medical and psychological screening.


Be a citizen of the US
International Surrogates are welcome to contact us regarding potential matches
Have a valid Drivers License
It is also important to have a reliable transportation for appointments
Not on Government Assistance
It is important that you are financially stable before entering into a Surrogacy Contract
Have had a healthy pregnancy and delivered full term without complications
You must be willing to abstain from drugs, alcohol and nicotine throughout the medical process and pregnancy
Able to take injectable medications over the course of several months
Between the ages of 21-40
Physically and Mentally Healthy
Before proceeding as a Surrogate, you will undergo medical & psychological screening
Must Pass a Background Check
We will perform a background check on both the Surrogate and the Intended Parent prior to their first meeting


The compensation listed below is an example. Each surrogacy contract is unique, and your specific compensation will be detailed in the legal agreement with the parents.

Base Compensation

$25,000- $30,000 Surrogate Fee

The amount can vary. Experienced Surrogates can request a higher fee. If you do not have insurance or have a Surrogacy exclusion in your policy, it may be less as the parents will have to purchase a policy for you.

$200 Monthly Cycle Allowance

This allowance in is lieu of itemized reimbursements. This covers expenses related to your surrogacy, such as mileage reimbursement, co-pays, childcare for appointments, vitamins, and prescriptions.

$250 Payment for Mock Cycle

Paid at the conclusion of each Mock Cycle

$750 Payment for Embryo Transfer

Paid at the conclusion of each Embryo Transfer

$500 Maternity Clothing Allowance

Paid at the start of the second trimester. $750 if pregnant with multiples

Additional Compensation

$5,000 Multiple Fee
$750 Invasive Procedures
$1,500 Cesarean Section
$2,500 Loss of Uterus


Bed Rest Benefits:

Lost Wages, Childcare, Housekeeping


If the surrogate does not have medical or life insurance, the intended parents provide them.

Medical Screening
Psychological Screening
Medical Procedures
Attorney Fees
Travel Expenses

flight, hotel, transportation, meal per diem covered in the event you have to travel for screening and embryo transfer