The compensation listed below is an example. Each surrogacy contract is unique, and your specific compensation will be detailed in the legal agreement with the parents.



Base Compensation

$30,000 Surrogate Fee

Amount can vary. Experienced Surrogates can request a higher fee. If you do not have insurance, or have a Surrogacy exclusion in your policy, it may be less as the parents will have to purchase a policy for you.

$200 Monthly Cycle Allowance

This allowance in is lieu of itemized reimbursements. This covers expenses related to your surrogacy, such as mileage reimbursement, co-pays, childcare for appointments, vitamins and prescriptions.

$250 Payment for Mock Cycle

Paid at the conclusion of each Mock Cycle

$750 Payment for Embryo Transfer

Paid at the conclusion of each Embryo Transfer

$500 Maternity Clothing Allowance

Paid at the start of the second trimester. $750 if pregnant with multiples



Additional Compensation

$5,000 Multiple Fee
$750 Invasive Procedures
$1,500 Cesarean Section
$2,500 Loss of Uterus




Bed Rest Benefits:

Lost Wages, Childcare, Housekeeping


If the surrogate does not have medical or life insurance, the intended parents provide them.

Medical Screening
Psychological Screening
Medical Procedures
Attorney Fees
Travel Expenses

flight, hotel, transportation, meal per diem covered in the event you have to travel for screening and embryo transfer