“Why on Earth would you want to do that?”

I get that question a lot…along with the blank stares or the perplexed looks. Especially if they know about the difficult time I had with my own daughter’s birth…a failed induction that lasted longer than it should have, me passing out from the pain despite having received two epidurals, and an unplanned c-section after 36 hours of labor with little to no progression. But when I awoke…albeit completely dazed and utterly confused…my husband greeted me holding our beautiful and absolutely perfect 9lb baby girl!

And that’s my “why” for deciding to become a surrogate.

That feeling of elation cannot be matched by any other situation in life! Meeting a tiny human that you’ve loved since the positive pregnancy tests and despite the bouts of nausea for nine months. I was one of those girls that didn’t want to have kids, at least not for a very long time. But after seven years of marriage, one furbaby, and purchasing a house—the time came where my husband and I were wondering…what next? Well, our “what next” was trying to get pregnant.

It took us longer than expected but not nearly as long as most…eight months. And it felt like an eternity! Every…single…month without me getting pregnant drove me (but mainly my husband) insane! And it only drove him insane because I became obsessive about it! But that’s another story for another day! ☺

When I first mentioned to my husband that I wanted to be a surrogate, he was one of those people that looked at me like I was crazy! Especially because he experienced my daughter’s birth right along side me! It took a lot of explaining that it wouldn’t be a repeat situation because I could opt for a planned c-section and we would know what we were getting into because we’ve done it before.

It always sounds so good in your head, right?! LOL Honestly, I don’t blame my husband for being skeptical and a bit hesitant. As a friend who was considering surrogacy herself told me, your husband will likely be willing to accept it, but it’s rare to find one over the moon about it! And she’s right! My husband has accepted my decision to be a surrogate, but isn’t afraid to share his concerns.

So…as the first step in the process, I’ve completed a profile with My Donor Connection and begun the waiting part before being selected to work with Intended Parents. ☺ I decided to work with My Donor Connection because I have a history with the Program Director, Krystal. Krystal and I go way back to my egg donor days!  Oh yeah…surprise! I’ve been an egg donor too! More on that later, I promise!

Anyway, Krystal was my coordinator when I was an egg donor and was so amazing and compassionate then that I knew I absolutely couldn’t go wrong working with her again!  So here I am!

When I think about being a surrogate, I’m excited! I do have my thoughts about my own daughter and the logistics of that. She’s 15 months old now and still sleeping in a crib; will she still be in a crib when I’m huge and nine months pregnant? Will I have to lift this squirming child up over the edge of a crib or will she be in a “big girl” bed?  How will I handle chasing after a spirited two year old when I’m nine months pregnant?  Will my husband be on a first shift schedule or will he still be on second shift and I’ll have to tackle this as a single parent?  Don’t worry! We have our routine down now so I don’t imagine it would be much different!

Well, that’s all for now! I plan to share my journey along the way…every detail from doctor’s visits to hopefully, a baby—I’d love to have you follow my journey to helping another couple realize their dreams of having a child!