Finding your match

The first step is to register for access to view our surrogate profiles. A member of our team will contact you to learn more about your specific needs. We will go over the process and expectations and answer any questions you may have. If you are ready to proceed, we will assist you in creating a profile of your own that we will share with any surrogate candidates that you are interested in matching with. Once you have identified a potential match, we will facilitate a meeting with the surrogate, either in person, phone or video conference. Background checks on all parties will be performed prior to this meeting.

We put a lot of effort in finding the right match the first time. There are many different factors that go into the matching process and we hope to connect you with a surrogate that is compatible with the goals you express in your initial consultation.

Once a match is confirmed, we prepare the groundwork of your cycle by signing agency service agreements, contacting legal representation in regards to drafting an agreement between you and the surrogate, and establish an escrow account which will hold all anticipated funds for your journey.


Once matched, we will initiate all medical and psychological testing required by your IVF Clinic. Your surrogate will travel to your clinic to undergo the following screening:

  • Physical and Pap Smear
  • Infection Disease Testing
  • Hysteroscopy:  a procedure that will allow the doctor to look in the uterus and examine the cervix using a thin, lighted tube.
  • Psychological Evaluation & MMPI2
  • Mock Cycle: Your surrogate will begin taking the same medications that would lead up to a normal transfer. This gives the doctor an understanding as to how she will respond to the medication and they can make changes as needed.

Your attorney will draft a legal agreement that will clearly lay out all the fine details of your surrogacy arrangement. An attorney will also be provided for the surrogate and will assist with negotiating any changes. Once signed, you will begin funding an escrow account that will be used to pay for expenses related to the surrogacy.


Once we have medical & legal clearance to move forward, the clinic will design a calendar which will detail what medications to take/ when to take them. Your surrogate will begin taking medications similar to an IVF cycle to prepare for the embryo transfer. She will take a pregnancy test ten days following the embryo transfer; if positive, she will take a few more pregnancy tests over the next few weeks to confirm her hormone levels are increasing appropriately. An ultrasound is usually performed about a month after transfer to confirm the viability of the pregnancy. If the initial pregnancy test is negative, we can begin preparing for an additional embryo transfer.

Throughout the Pregnancy

During the first trimester, the pregnancy will be monitored by your Fertility Clinic. Once we near the end of the first trimester, your surrogates prenatal care will transfer to her personal obstetrician.

Throughout the pregnancy, you and your surrogate can enjoy as much communication as you wish. You are welcome to join the surrogate for medical appointments, or may just enjoy communicating with her over the phone/ via Skype to see how everything is going. As we proceed through he 2nd trimester, arrangements will be made for you to join the surrogate at the hospital for the arrival of your baby! Our team will be there from the start- to help navigate through the entire process.