As a part of my surrogacy journey, I was asked to write a letter to the Intended Parents that I might match with…it was harder than I imagined! What do I say and when do my words just start resembling random ramblings?! Try saying that ten times fast…resembling random ramblings, resembling random ramblings…

See what I mean?! I’m rambling…

LOL…anyway, after what seemed like forever, I was able to put my thoughts into words. Below is the letter I whipped up for potential Intended Parents reviewing my profile. I hope my personality and sincerity really comes through!


Intended Parents,

Thank you for considering me as your surrogate! I’m excited to potentially begin this journey with you!

Whether you have children already or you’re about to be blessed with you first, my biggest piece of advice is to hold on tight for the ride of your lives! Becoming a parent has become the greatest adventure of my life…and my greatest accomplishment.

My husband and I met when I was 17 and he was 21; we dated for one year then parted ways. Fast-forward four years and we reconnected at my college graduation and the rest is history! We were married 18 months later and always knew we would someday have children but never put a timeline on it. My husband and I were each the first in our families to get married but each set of would-be grandparents never asked when we planned to have kids, they just let us enjoy our time together.

Three years ago we purchased our own home and then encountered the inevitable, “what next” moment. I came around to the idea of having a baby much faster than my husband did but it didn’t happen nearly as quickly as we (mainly me!) hoped! Finally after eight months we arrived home from vacation and surprise…I was pregnant! I remember when I told my husband…he just let out a big sigh…I still think he was in shock! 😉

A week before my 31st birthday and after being married for almost eight years, our sweet Kennedy was born and our world was forever changed! Kennedy is now 16 months old and quite the spirited little girl! Just yesterday we went to Walmart and much to my surprise, she greeted every passerby with “hi!” and with the biggest grins I’ve ever seen! As people spoke to her and smiled back, she surprised me again by waving and saying “bye!” To…every…single…person! 🙂 It made for a long trip to Walmart but I loved every bit of it!

It’s moments like those that I look forward to for you! When Kennedy walks up to me with her little lips pursed and offers a kiss without prompting…my heart melts! Those moments are awaiting you! The giggles and shrieks when the dog’s tail wags in her face, the melt-downs when you take away something she shouldn’t have, her little arms wrapped tightly around my neck…every bit of it is all part of my greatest accomplishment! I never knew being a parent would be this amazing and I love every exhausting second of it!

With that being said, I know this might be difficult for you and I respect that! I want you to know that I realize how hard it is to trust someone else with your precious child. Please know that I don’t take lightly your trust in me!

I can’t wait to share this journey with you; thank you again for considering me! 🙂


Lexi R.