• I understand I must take self administered injections for approximately 2-3 weeks
  • I understand I will be required to have approximately 5-10 appointments which consist of blood draws and ultrasounds
  • I understand I must wait 12 months to apply after testing positive for an STD to be considered for a cycle (this does not however, disqualify me)
  • I understand that I must respond to all communication within 24 hours
  • I understand I must not smoke, use illegal drugs and have a healthy BMI between 18- 26
  • I understand I must not take depo-provera shots
  • I understand that, as an egg donor, I will be required to undergo a medical procedure under light sedation to retrieve my eggs from my ovaries
  • I understand the emotional nature of donating to a recipient couple and am committed to be reliable, responsible and honest to help ensure the cycle goes smoothly

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